As the businesses of the world evolves rapidly, demand for emerging skills intensifies to steer the organization efficiently. 

The World Economic Forum's Future of Jobs 2023 report envisions aggressive evolution in skills required across functions for ideal readiness of workforce by 2027.

As a chief of HR, OD or L&D, if you are envisioning the right strategy of future workforce, here is a chance to huddle with peers on the same trajectory. We invite you for a conclave - Navigating In-Demand Skills for a Future ready workforce - to dissect this transformative landscape, in association with disprz - a Gartner recognized ideal learning solution company for Asia-pacific region. Together we will uncover the top skills in-demand across functions to discover how technology can enhance the workforce’s abilities and explore technology's potential.

As we move towards a personalized future, our discussion will focus on tailored and seamless learning by fusing digital and traditional methods for desired outcomes. We'll also explore new ways of deriving ROI of L&D across blue, grey or white collared workforce.

Date: Thursday, 5 October 2023
Time: 08.30 AM – 01:00 PM
Location: JW Marriott Jakarta


  • Isdar Andre Marwan, Director, Mercer Indonesia. 
  • Vineet Koka, Vice President & Business Head, Disprz SEA
  • Anung Anindita, Season HR Executive & Former SVP Strategy Human Capital, PT Pegadaian
  • Luluina Karina S, Head of HR, Bayer Indonesia
  • Andri Wijaya, Country Head, Disprz Indonesia
  • Maemar Chadavid Syamtar, Group HR GM, Kanmo Group

Are you ready for the future? Our conclave unveils future-ready L&D tech strategies, equipping you to navigate around dynamic future job landscape.

Secure your spot today and we will be enroute to hand-deliver our special invitation hamper exclusively for your registration confirmation. Embrace the opportunity to be part of a discourse that will shape the trajectory of your organization's growth. Seating is limited, so we encourage you to register at your earliest convenience. 

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