In challenging times it’s important to take stock and re-evaluate. These trainings, designed by our HR experts, are available for a limited time to help you upskill and uplift your knowledge.

In person workshops - Mercer Public Training

Participate in our carefully tailored workshops for your HR needs. Mercer Indonesia introduces a series of public training for HR professionals in various areas.

Workshop calendar

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Workshop Description

Role Analysis & Job Evaluation

Role analysis is an important & critical exercise for organizations as it helps cascade overall strategic plans in to company roles and responsibilities. A role analysis exercise ensures synthesis of functional objectives into “areas of responsibility” that is understood down the line & captures the essence of the function. Likewise, job evaluation is critical when establishing a benchmark for compensation comparison. Organizations today are establishing best-practices by utilizing position evaluation for:

  • Identifying organizational issues and determining the need for restructuring
  • Developing an objective reference to solve job titling issues
  • Creating a starting point for position/person profiles; and
  • Establishing a reliable base for an equitable salary structure

By attending this workshop, human resource professionals will leave with the requisite skills, nuances, and applications to be an internal position evaluator.

IPE (International Position Evaluation)

IPE (International Position Evaluation) is an important exercise for organization to help and learn more on the job evaluation methods. It is an international Mercer method to perform and conduct job evaluation within the organization. The objectives for this training are for:

  • Learn about job evaluation methods (Mercer’s methods)
  • Understand what is the relative worth of jobs and their fit in the hierarchy
  • How to perform and govern job evaluation in your organization

3P Compensation Management

3P Compensation Management provides you with strategies and techniques for attracting and retaining the best talent in a cost-effective manner. 3P enables you to be pro-active in identifying and addressing critical issues in attraction and retention. Plus, it ensures that solutions to address those issues are fully integrated into your company’s management practices and business strategy.

Competency Design

Competencies are statements of observable capabilities and behaviors that make a difference to business results. They describe the combination of the knowledge, skills, and attributes that superior performers are more likely to demonstrate more often, more completely and more consistently. Fitting/developing employees competency based on the task/job (structure) assigned to them is the key of manpower’s success. Even some highly competent people may not fit in the job since people have different sets of skill, knowledge, and behaviors. 

By attending this workshop, human resource professionals will learn how to determine the right competency theme for overall competency design.

Masterclass: Designing a Compelling Employee Experience Strategy

In this post-pandemic world, there has been a compelling need to accelerate the “future of work” while not losing sight of our objective to create an effective and relatable Employee Experience (EX) that meets the changing expectations of our multi-generation workforce. As HR Leaders, have you ever wondered where and how to begin your employee experience (EX) journey? How do you unlock and sustain the positive energy for your employees to thrive? Gain insights regarding this by attending the workshop.