Workplace Health - Changing Minds and Behaviours

  • RECORDED: 25 April 2019


  • Overview

    Often cited as the ‘holy grail’ of wellbeing, behaviour change is the key to creating wellbeing programmes that have impact and achieve sustainable success in improving employee health.

  • Why attend

    In this webcast we will share:
    • Principles from behavioural economics and positive psychology and their application in workplace health
    • Insights on organisational barriers and individual motivation from the Britain’s Healthiest Workplace and Mental Health at Work 2018 research
    • Practical guidance on how you can transform your health strategy into tangible results and contribute something positive to your workplace 
  • Who should attend

    Senior HR, Trustees, Reward, Compensation & Benefits Professionals

  • Speakers

    Paul Hollingdale, UK Growth Leader, Mercer Marsh Benefits
    Dr Wolfgang Seidl, Workplace Health Consulting Leader UK and Europe, Mercer

Webcast details
  • Title: Workplace Health - Changing Minds and Behaviours

  • Language: English

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