Well rested and alert: Managing sleep and sleep disorders in the workforce

  • RECORDED: 16 November 2016


  • Overview

    Did you know that more than 40 million Americans suffer from a sleep disorder with widespread impact on employer costs? Not only is Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) the second most expensive chronic condition in the U.S., but insufficient sleep also has a direct impact on chronic conditions like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and depression.

    Workplace losses, including accidents and OSA-related absences are estimated to cost $35B each year, according to a study conducted by Harvard Medical School. Sleep disorders, however, are treatable and preventable.

    Join Health and Benefits consultants from Mercer and sleep experts from SleepMed, Inc., for a webcast sharing the latest research on sleep and sleep disorders, including treatment, and strategies your organization can use to reduce costs and improve employee health outcomes.

  • Why attend

    By attending this webcast, you will learn:

    • The health and productivity gains of healthy sleep – just 1 extra hour of sleep a night can translate into almost 5% higher earnings due to increased productivity 
    • The impact of sleep disorders on your employees and bottom line, including the consequences of high cost conditions such obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and depression 
    • Why medical advances have improved sleep disorder treatment, but aren’t always used 
    • The latest solutions employers can use to identify, assess, and treat a broad range of sleep related issues  
  • Who should attend

    Human resources, health and benefits, and wellness leaders at large organizations with 3,000+ employees.

  • Speakers

    Josh Dunsby, PhD, Principal, Mercer
    Sandra Kuhn, LCSW, Principal, Mercer
    Alyssa Cairns, PhD, Research Scientist, Sleep Med, Inc.
    Richard Bogan, MD, Sleep Med, Inc.
    Mark Miles, Sleep Med, Inc.  

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  • Title: Well rested and alert: Managing sleep and sleep disorders in the workforce

  • Language: English

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