Total Rewards Strategy + Covid-19 Leave Considerations

  • LIVE WEBCAST: 13 April 2020

  • Overview

    Companies spend millions of dollars on employee compensation and benefits and millions more on talent acquisition, onboarding, and other people-related programs. Given the importance of employees to business success, more companies are interested in performing a holistic evaluation of rewards programs to identify current competitive positioning, the needs and wants of employees and develop a multi-year rewards strategy to proactively address gaps.

    More recently, companies are looking for guidance and benchmarking for leave policies as the COVID-19 pandemic impact their workforce.

  • Why attend?

    During this interactive session, we'll review Mercer’s Point of View and process for developing a broad Total Rewards strategy that addresses key questions such as:

    • Are we providing the right amount of rewards? (e.g., Is the ‘pie’ big enough?)
    • Are we providing rewards valued by employees? (e.g., Is the ‘pie’ sliced in a way that employees value?)
    • Can we make changes that optimize rewards provided and consider our employees’ perception of the right ‘tradeoffs’? (e.g., Can we provide higher value by re-slicing the pie?)
    • Does our current approach consider and reflect competitive and innovative practices? (e.g., Have we considered common and new flavors?)

    Additionally, we will provide the most current update on leave management and COVID-19 as well as how we are seeing companies respond and support their workforce.

  • Who should attend?

    HR, Benefits, and Total Rewards leaders.

  • Speakers

    Andre Rooks, Senior Principal, Mercer
    Simon Camaj, National LAD and Voluntary Benefits Practice Leader, Mercer

Webcast details
  • Title: Total Rewards Strategy + Covid-19 Leave Considerations

  • Date: 13 April 2020

  • Language: English

  • Time: 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM CST

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