Science of Structure: job evaluation | Mercer

Science of Structure: job evaluation | Mercer


Science of Structure: In the age of the individual, is job structure still a need?

Recorded: 08 November 2016

  • Overview
    • The evolution of jobs and an increasing focus on employee value proposition is compelling organizations to re-think the value of job structures. In the era of the individual, how can job structures be leveraged to deliver on business demands?

  • Why attend
    • Join our experts who will share Mercer's point of view on balancing individual focus and the use of job structures in the organization. We will also unveil findings from Mercer's 2016 Global Job Evaluation survey, revealing what companies around the world have to say about the return on investment for implementing a job evaluation methodology.

  • Who should attend
    • Compensation and HR professionals at all levels

  • Speakers
    • Steve Guyer, Global Job Evaluation Solutions Leader
      David Wreford, European Practice Leader (Workforce Rewards)