Retiree Lump Sums: How do they change the journey?

  • RECORDED: 09 April 2019


  • Overview

    The IRS has opened the door for retiree lump sum windows.  We will discuss what the rules are, when such windows make sense, and how they fit into the larger risk management picture.
  • Why attend

    Retiree lump sum windows are again a viable tool for pension risk-reduction. Our experts will help you understand the considerations and when these types of strategies may make sense.
  • Speakers

    Name: Matt McDaniel
    Title: Partner, US Financial Strategy Group Leader
    Company: Mercer

    Name: David Cantor
    Title: Senior Investment Consultant
    Company: Mercer

    Name: Brian Kearney
    Title: Senior Legal Consultant, Law and Policy Group
    Company: Mercer
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  • Title: Retiree Lump Sums: How do they change the journey?

  • Language: English

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