Prelude to Davos


Prelude to Davos – A Preview of The World’s Human Capital Agenda

Recorded: 05 December 2013

  • Overview
    • Mercer, in collaboration with the World Economic Forum (WEF), recently released “The Human Capital Report,” the first index measuring the human capital endowment of 122 countries around the world across four pillars: (i) education, (ii) health and wellness, (iii) workforce and employment, and (iv) enabling environment. As world leaders begin to gather in the snowy alps of Davos in January 2014, they will be discussing the implications of these measures on public and private policies. In this webcast, you will get a sneak peek into the world’s Human Capital Agenda as our experts share their insights on implications for employers and how you can stay ahead of the curve.


  • Why attend

      Country and regional variations in labor force quality can significantly impact your business. If your organization relies on the availability and productivity of employees around the world to grow and meet its objectives, don’t miss this opportunity to get a preview of the Human Capital Agenda and discuss:


      • How to assess labor force quality across multiple dimensions
      • How public policy and organization practices influence the economic potential of talent
      • New strategies for education and skills development
      • Leading edge talent sourcing solutions


       We look forward to the discussion. 


  • Who should attend

      Global, Regional and Local Country HR and Business Line Leaders.


  • Speakers

      Pat Milligan, Norwalk

      Orlando Ashford, New York

      Rick Guzzo, Washington

      Charlotte Harding, Geneva