The Power of Partnership at Work

  • RECORDED: 09 November 2017


  • Overview

    During our next webinar, we’ll talk about our latest research on leadership and culture, highlighting the way that leaders can create a strong sense of partnership through their actions, decisions, and communications.  

  • Why attend

    In this webinar, we will...

    •  Discuss the internal and external challenges that organizations are facing; 
    • Provide an overview of our Partnership model of leadership and culture; 
    •  Provide organizational leaders, HR decision makers, and Leadership Development specialists with new ways to help foster a sense of partnership within their organizations. 
  • Who should attend

    Organizational Leaders, HR Decision Markers, and Leadership Development Professionals

  • Speakers

    Patrick Hyland Ph.D., Consulting Services Leader at Mercer | Sirota, Washington, D.C.

Webcast details
  • Title: The Power of Partnership at Work

  • Language: English

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