PEOs: Staying ahead of the competition

PEOs: Staying ahead of the competition | Mercer Webcast

PEOs: Staying ahead of the competition

Recorded: 22 March 2018

  • Overview
    • The competitive world of PEOs is growing every day. PEO Worksite employee growth has been consistent and as a result new competitors are entering the market. One new competitor for the health care component of the PEO value proposition are Association Health Plans (possibly expanding with proposed DOL regulations).  How can you remain competitive in this environment?

  • Why attend
    • During this webcast, you will hear:
      •  Detail from Mercer’s Survey of Employer Sponsored Health plans with a specific focus on benefits for small and large companies
      •  Mercer’s perspective on the competitive landscape, including Association Health Plan proposed regulations
      •  An update on Mercer’s comprehensive services for PEOs

  • Who should attend
    • This webcast is open to PEOs and others who are interested in learning about how PEOs can best stay competitive.

  • Speakers
    • Eric Basset - Senior Partner, Dallas, Mercer
      Jeff Ray - Partner, Associations Leader, New York, Mercer