Norway Pension Survey 2018

Norway Pension Survey 2018 | Mercer Webcast

Norway Pension Survey 2018

Recorded: 07 June 2018

  • Overview
    • For the third consecutive year, Mercer norway has conducted in-depth research to map the Norwegian pension market in order to provide employers with essential information to optimize their pension plans and improve financial security for their employees.

      In a changing environment collecting market data is vital input for good decisions, but interpretation of market data is equally important. This is why the survey also includes qualitative comments based on both data and market knowledge.

      During this webinar we will discuss the most important findings, present valuable benchmark data and provide direction on how to interet and use the findings.

  • Why attend
    • The results from the Norwegian Pension Survey 2018 will give you relevant data about the general market, and details about industries and your own peer group. This will provide good insights for future decisions and help to ensure competitive and sustainable pension schemes.

  • Who should attend
    • The survey results are suited for organizations in Norway with defined contribution schemes as well as organizations that are anticipating a change from defined benefit to defined contribution (DC) schemes.

  • Speakers
    • Per Ivar Bakkens - Sr Consultant and Pension Specialist at Mercer Norway