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Learn Best Practices for Retaining Top Talent in Mergers

New Research: Learn Best Practices for Retaining Top Talent in Mergers

Recorded: 29 June 2017

  • Overview
    • As M&A activities have become vital strategies for both growth and competitiveness for most organizations, the ability to successfully retain critical talent has become a significant determinant of overall deal (and company) value. However, even during the best of times companies struggle to engage and retain talent to help them succeed. An acquisition or divestiture only magnifies this challenge, increasing employees’ perceptions of risk and uncertainly.

      Other issues – confusion about the new business strategy, problems with integrating the new entities, a lack of role clarity, and a failure to communicate with the workforce – can also undermine employee engagement and leave organizations vulnerable to losing key talent.

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  • Why attend
    • When those at risk employees are critical to integration or to the organization’s long-term success, their potential departure poses a serious threat to deal ROI – and to the very survival of the new entity.

      This webcast will feature high level results from Mercer’s global 2017 research on what high-performing companies are doing to develop comprehensive retention plans that will best ensure employee commitment and high energy needed for success.

  • Who should attend
    • This event is right for you if you are a Business Unit leader, M&A professional or HR executive interested in effective retention strategies in M&A transactions that will drive your deal value.

  • Speakers
    • Adam Rosenberg, Europe M&A Leader, Manchester

      Dan McGuire, Director of M&A Research, Chicago

      Brant Shelor, Executive Rewards, Los Angeles