New Frontiers in Talent Management


New Frontiers in Talent Management

Recorded: 26 June 2014

  • Overview
    • Companies globally are facing significant hurdles when it comes to accessing new talent and effectively utilizing existing talent needed for success. Despite a pool of 202 million people unemployed globally, 34% of employers around the world say they cannot fill available jobs.

      Now is the time for talent managers to elevate their game and prepare their organizations to effectively manage tomorrow’s labor market complexity.

  • Why attend
    • In this webcast, we will address four shifts that will help talent managers become vanguards of change:

      1.Understand needs and dynamics of critical TALENT POOLS.

      2. Quantify what’s happening inside the TALENT PIPELINE.

      3. Shape a PORTFOLIO OF EXPERIENCES for critical destination roles.

      4. Approach TALENT DECISIONS with a long-term mindset.

  • Who should attend
    • HR leaders, Talent Management leaders, individuals responsible for workforce planning.

  • Speakers
    • Susan Dunn, Portland