Mercer | Webcasts M&A Effectiveness for Oil & Gas

M&A Effectiveness for Oil & Gas

M&A Effectiveness for Oil & Gas

Recorded: 15 March 2016

  • Overview
    • The global oil & gas market has fundamentally changed and the enterprise landscape we see today will be dramatically reshaped through asset divestitures, mergers, joint ventures, acquisitions and bankruptcies. Given that most deals fail, identifying strategies to address risks and overcome common pitfalls is even more critical in a down market. Mercer and Oliver Wyman recently partnered to evaluate the frequently encountered M&A obstacles for oil & gas companies, and set forth a clear pathway to success. With careful planning, and a focus on the human capital aspects of the transaction, delivering enhanced value can be achieved in an ever increasing volatile market.

  • Why attend
    • Learn strategies to effectively weave human capital considerations into M&A transactions.  

  • Who should attend?
    • Business and HR leaders from oil & gas companies.  

  • Agenda
    • Webinar topics include:

      • Acceleration of deal activity and actions required through the down cycle
      • Current industry data and predictions for the near-term
      • Issues involved in M&A transactions and how to address them
      • Alternatives for distressed organizations
  • Speakers
      • John Koob - Mercer Energy, Global Oil & Gas Segment Leader
      • Keric Morris - Oliver Wyman,  Oil & Gas Partner
      • David King - Mercer, M&A Partner