Mercer’s Longevity Insights

Mercer’s Longevity Insights

Mercer’s Longevity Insights: The Benefits of Industry-specific Mortality Assumptions

Recorded: 05 December 2014

  • Overview
    • On Mercer’s December 5th webcast, experts will discuss current employee lifespan estimates and how selecting industry-specific longevity assumptions can improve liability calculations for accounting purposes. In addition, Mercer will provide insights into future improvements in longevity, a topic provoking considerable disagreement among actuaries and demographers. 


      Employee longevity estimates can significantly impact pension costs and affect related decisions on plan design and risk management. Employers must therefore attempt to accurately estimate how long their employees live. The recently completed Mercer Industry Longevity Experience Study (MILES), shows lifespans varying considerably between industries. Mercer's industry tables give some plan sponsors additional options to better match their participants’ characteristics, potentially leading to improved liability measurements for accounting purposes.

  • Speakers
    • David Weissner, Senior Partner

      Jim Berberian, Principal

      Bruce Cadenhead, Partner