Market poised for accelerated risk transfer activity

Market poised for accelerated risk transfer activity


Market poised for accelerated risk transfer activity

Recorded: 24 February 2015

  • Overview
    • Pension risk transfer activity saw another banner year in 2014 with more jumbo buyout deals and a substantial uptick in voluntary cashout programs generating further interest and momentum. Despite falling funding levels, 2015 also provides many opportunities to manage and transfer pension risk and raises a host of recent developments sponsors should consider. Join Mercer experts on February 24 at 2pm EST for an in-depth discussion on developments in the pension risk transfer market.

      We will be discussing: 

      - An update on a broad array of risk transfer approaches including buyouts, voluntary cashouts and full plan termination.

      - How recent mortality table changes affect these risk transfer activities in different ways.

      - How sponsors are reacting to continued downward pressure on interest rates.

      - The case to be made for voluntary pre-funding in a low rate environment.

      - Case studies and innovations in the buyout market, and how increased sophistication can improve buyout price transparency and deliver cost savings.

      Join us on February 24 to learn more.

  • Speakers
    • Richard McEvoy, Partner, Financial Strategy Group

      Sean Brennan, Partner, Financial Strategy Group