Proactively managing UK db pensions

Proactively managing UK db pensions

Proactively managing UK defined benefit pensions – how bulk pension risk transfers really work

Recorded: 01 September 2015

  • Overview
    • Our webinar will give you the information you need on how pension risk transfer really works in the UK. Covering longevity swaps and buy-ins and buy-outs, we will cover what really matters and what market participants need and want, highlighting our views with key recent examples.

  • Why attend
    • If you are concerned about your UK defined benefit pension obligations then this session is for you.

  • Who should attend
    • Everyone involved in the management of UK defined benefit pension plans: sponsoring employers, trustees and pension executives.

  • Speakers
    • David Ellis, Partner - UK Leader Bulk Pensions Insurance Advisory

      Andrew Ward, Head of Longevity Swap Advisory

      Suthan Rajagopalan, Head of Bulk Annuity Investment Strategy