Live demo of Mercer | Comptryx

  • RECORDED: 08 May 2019


  • Overview

    Mercer | Comptryx is a 3-in-1 online tool that enables industry benchmarking of both pay and workforce metrics. This allows you to compare the cost of your employees to the competition, and then analyze the factors that drive this result. That cost is not just from what you pay, but the structure and composition of your workforce. We use a full census data submission and a state-of-the-art reporting tool to generate this unique and powerful data. Unlike traditional compensation surveys, which provide point-in-time role benchmarks, Mercer | Comptryx provides holistic organization workforce metrics in response to the demand for analytical insights from the business.
  • Speakers

    Patrick Gutmann, European Leader Industries and Networking (Career)
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  • Title: Live demo of Mercer | Comptryx

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