Large Buyout Activity Headed for Another Big Year


Large Buyout Activity Headed for Another Big Year

Recorded: 16 October 2015

  • Overview
    • We will be discussing an overview of recent buyout transactions and providing an update on risk transfer approaches. We will also be sharing insurer perspectives and their prognosis for the market.

  • Why attend
    • This and other large transactions in 2015 drive us to another big year for pension buyouts and illustrate how the insurance market is expanding the range of solutions available to pension sponsors. New market participants and the emergence of multi-insurer structures are driving a dynamic market where we anticipate more change in the years ahead. Join us to hear Mercer’s approach as well as that of insurers.

  • Who should attend
    • DB Plan sponsors and Insurers

  • Speakers
    • Sean Brennan, Mercer
      Richard McEvoy, Mercer
      Glenn O'Brien, Prudential Retirement
      George Palms, Legal & General America