Introducing Mercer Financial Courage & Inside Employees’ Minds Research

  • RECORDED: 22 March 2017


  • Overview

    Mercer’s new Inside Employees’ Minds Financial Wellness edition survey results found that employers have large amounts of payroll dollars at risk from the lack of financial wellness of their employees. Also, financial knowledge/literacy is not as important as often thought in driving outcomes. This and other key insights gained from this research can help employers better understand the motivation behind employee decision making and personal financial wellness and help them optimize their financial wellness benefits, ensuring a more customized offering for employees.

  • Why attend

    • Hear the latest findings from Mercer’s Inside Employees Minds research on financial wellness 
    • We will introduce our Mercer Financial Courage offering and how it can help your organization’s employees
    • Make the link to employer productivity and payroll costs that supports the business case for financial wellness
    • Learn about the latest tools available to employers to assess their employee’s current state of financial wellness as well as their level of financial courage  
  • Who should attend

    CHROs, Managers and Directors of any organization

  • Speakers

    Betsy Dill, US Financial Wellness Leader
    Neil Lloyd, Head US DC & Financial Wellness Research
    Heather Coughlin, Director of Financial Wellness

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  • Title: Introducing Financial Courage & Inside Employees’ Minds Research

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