Inside Employees’ Minds: Women & Wealth

  • RECORDED: 30 November 2017


  • Overview

    Mercer’s Inside Employees’ Minds™ financial wellness survey reveals significant differences between men and women when it comes to financial wellness. Employers have much to gain by helping their female employees break the cycle of lower financial wellness and become more confident in managing their finances, because when employees are confident in their ability to meet their financial obligations they are often healthier and more engaged at work.

  • Why attend

    In our latest report Inside Employees’ Minds™: Women & Wealth and on our November 30 webcast we set out to explore:
    • What are the differences between men and women regarding financial wellness?
    • What is key to improving women’s financial wellness?
    • How can employers help their workforce become more confident regarding personal financial matters?

  • Who should attend

    Business Leaders, Senior HR Leaders, and Chief Financial Officers

  • Speakers

    Kathleen McQuiggan, Wealth Advisor, Artemis Financial Advisors
    Pam Jeffords, Partner, Mercer
    Betsy Dill, Senior Partner, Mercer
    Madeleine Winslow, Project Manager, Mercer

Webcast details
  • Title: Inside Employees’ Minds: Women & Wealth

  • Language: English

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