Hire or Fire? Selecting fund managers for charities

  • RECORDED: 22 May 2019


  • Overview


    • The rationale behind fund manager selection and termination. 
    • The influence of past performance on manager selection. 
    • Implementing processes that aim to tackle the influence of biases on investors decision making. 
    • A real life example from our portfolio management team constructing a fixed income portfolio - from manager selection to ongoing portfolio management and importantly, when to fire a manager. 
  • Why attend?

    Global investment markets remain uncertain and volatile so identifying and blending the strongest investment managers is critical for a successful investment outcome.

    In this webinar we will deal with the practical challenges of selection and implementation and how we have supported clients to address this challenge.
  • Speakers

    Suzanne Lubbe - Manager Research, Mercer
    Trevor Lin - Fixed Income Portfolio Manager, Mercer
    Paul Fleming  - Head of Investment Solutions, UK Charities, Endowments and Foundations, Mercer 

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  • Title: Hire or Fire? Selecting fund managers for charities

  • Language: English

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