A Practical Guide to GMP Equalisation and Conversion

  • RECORDED: 26 June 2019


  • Overview

    Many trustees and sponsors have already completed the early stages of their GMP equalisation journey and their focus is now turning to planning for implementation. This webinar will give you a practical guide to the next phases of equalisation and conversion and we will identify the key questions, decisions and tasks expected to be undertaken at each stage.
  • Why attend?

    This webinar explores the key phases and tasks expected to be undertaken during a GMP Equalisation and Conversion process.
  • Who should attend?

    Senior HR, Reward, Compensation & Benefits Professionals
  • Speakers

    Adrian Hartshorn, Senior Partner, Mercer

    Matt Jones, Scheme Actuary and Relationship Manager, Mercer

    John Martin, Principal & Risk Transfer Specialist, Mercer

    Ian Dack, Senior Associate & Senior Project Manager, Mercer

    James Auty, Director of Trustee Proposition, Mercer
Webcast details
  • Title: GMP Equalisation

  • Language: English

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