GMP Equalisation

GMP Equalisation

A Practical Guide to GMP Equalisation and Conversion

Recorded: 26 June 2019

  • Overview
    • Many trustees and sponsors have already completed the early stages of their GMP equalisation journey and their focus is now turning to planning for implementation. This webinar will give you a practical guide to the next phases of equalisation and conversion and we will identify the key questions, decisions and tasks expected to be undertaken at each stage.
  • Why attend?
    • This webinar explores the key phases and tasks expected to be undertaken during a GMP Equalisation and Conversion process.
  • Who should attend?
    • Senior HR, Reward, Compensation & Benefits Professionals
  • Speakers
    • Adrian Hartshorn, Senior Partner, Mercer

      Matt Jones, Scheme Actuary and Relationship Manager, Mercer

      John Martin, Principal & Risk Transfer Specialist, Mercer

      Ian Dack, Senior Associate & Senior Project Manager, Mercer

      James Auty, Director of Trustee Proposition, Mercer