GMP Equalisation Update - A once in a lifetime opportunity?

  • RECORDED: 06 February 2019


  • Overview

    The GMP equalisation ruling has provided trustees and companies a one-off opportunity to simplify members’ benefits.

  • Why attend

    Join the webinar to learn more about the different possible approaches for resolving GMP equalisation, why conversion can represent a positive step for pension schemes, what challenges and barriers remain in place, and what short-term steps trustees and companies can take which are independent of the ultimate approach taken to resolve GMP equalisation.

  • Who should attend

    • Trustees 
    • Pension Managers 
    • FDs 
    • CFOs 
  • Speakers

    Matt Jones, Scheme Actuary and Relationship Manager, Mercer
    Glyn Bradley, Principal & Research Actuary, Mercer
    John Martin, Principal & Risk Transfer Specialist, Mercer
    Ian Dack, Senior Associate & Senior Project Manager, Mercer
Webcast details
  • Title: GMP Equalisation Update - A once in a lifetime opportunity?

  • Language: English

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