Mercer webcast | Global Financial Services Snapshot Survey


Highlights and Insights from Global Financial Services Snapshot Survey

Recorded: 02 February 2016

  • Overview
    • During this webcast, we will share highlights from our recently completed global financial services executive compensation snapshot survey and provide you with the latest information on changes and emerging trends in pay practices in the current economic and regulatory environment. 

  • Why attend
    • Join our live webcast where our presenters will discuss specific information on projected salary increases and predicted bonus pool movements for 2016. Our presenters will also discuss changes in annual, deferred and long-term incentives, pay mix, role-based allowances and the latest on control functions and fostering a sound risk culture. 

  • Who should attend
    • This webcast is primarily addressed to Compensation and HR professionals with Executive Remuneration responsibilities in financial services companies.

  • Speakers
    • Vicki Elliott, Mercer's Global Financial Services Talent Leader - New York 
      Mark Quinn, Mercer's UK Talent Business Leader - London
      Dirk Vink, Mercer Global Financial Services Talent Project Manager – New York