Financial Wellness An Employer's Perspective | Mercer webcast

Financial Wellness An Employer's Perspective | Mercer webcast


Financial Wellness: An Employer's Perspective

Recorded: 14 March 2017

  • Overview
    • We invite you to attend our second webinar in our series of webinars on Financial Wellness.

      What are the potential opportunity costs that you as an employer could be missing out on by not offering Financial Wellness benefits?

  • Why attend
    • In the webinar we will discuss:

      • Young employees are seeking alternative employment specifically for higher wages - cost of turnover 
      • Old employees are sticking around too long when they cannot afford retirement - cost of a “sleeping tiger” 
      • Fin. Wellness is a benefit with potential to offer positive ROI 
      • Financial skills/competence can overflow into the workplace, making employees more valuable and productive 
      • We provide our suggestions on how to build the business case for Financial Wellness in your organisation 

      We invite you to grab your morning coffee or tea and join us on the 14th March.  

  • Who should attend
    • Senior HR, Reward, Compensation & Benefits Professionals

  • Speakers
    • Brian Henderson, Leader DC & Financial Wellness, Mercer

      Mark Rowlands, Head of DC & Financial Wellness Services, Mercer