Financial Wellness An Employee's Perspective | Mercer webcast

Financial Wellness An Employee's Perspective | Mercer webcast


Financial Wellness: An Employee's Perspective

Recorded: 14 February 2017

  • Overview
    • A well-executed financial wellness program can help reduce the financial worries and distractions of employees while increasing workforce engagement and productivity for employers.

      Before choosing or expanding a financial wellness program, it is important to examine the key aspects and worries of financial health from an employee’s perspective. Through this employers can provide a financial wellness program that creates real value for employees and make a difference to their financial health.  

  • Why attend
    • Attendees will gain a better perspective on the key aspects of financial health that affect employees on a daily basis and determine whether their current plans to improve employee financial wellbeing are doing enough.

      We will be discussing:

      • The elements of health – Financial as well as the traditional physical, mental and social definitions 
      • Current issues employees struggle with, such as paying inflated rent and the affordability of retirement 
      • The disconnect between what financial advice/services employees want from their employers vs. what is offered 
      • Education about financial management to improve health and enhance wellbeing 
      • Retirement adequacy for women in the workplace and other gender issues  
  • Who should attend
    • Senior HR, Reward, Compensation & Benefits Professionals

  • Speakers
    • Mark Rowlands, Head of DC and Financial Wellness Services