Executive Remuneration 2015: Global trends


Executive Remuneration 2015: Global trends

Recorded: 28 October 2014

  • Overview
    • Economic growth, geographic hotspots, stakeholder influence, and executive talent shortages are leading to a dramatic change in executive remuneration program design and governance. 

  • Why attend
    • Attend Mercer’s free Executive Remuneration Global Trends 2015 webcast to get ideas on how to retain top talent, astutely allocate rewards investments to enhance your company’s competitive advantage, and prepare for potential/recent regulations in various regions.

      Our presenters from around the world will discuss executive trends for 2015 including:

      • Context-setting – events around the world that will affect plan design and governance.
      • Actions that organizations should have on their 2015 agenda as a result of those events.
      • Crystal ball – forward-thinking actions for consideration to get the most out of diminishing remuneration budgets and to hold onto top talent.
  • Who should attend
    • Senior HR and Compensation professionals

  • Speakers
    • Mark Hoble (London)

      Hans Kothuis (Hong Kong)

      Gregg Passin (New York)