Employee Engagement Separating Facts from Fiction | Mercer

Employee Engagement Separating Facts from Fiction | Mercer


Employee Engagement Separating Facts from Fiction

Recorded: 08 June 2017

  • Overview
    • Over the past 15 years, employee engagement has become an increasingly popular concept amongst leaders, manages, and HR professionals. Globally, organizations are investing billions in everything from engagement surveys and assessments to specialized training and leadership development programs. And a growing number of writers, consultants, and specialists have flooded the market with various engagement models, methods, and solutions.

      So what have we learned? During this webinar, we will take a closer look at what we have learned from our employee research with millions of employees in thousands of organizations. Along the way, we will separate engagement facts from fiction and identify evidence based ways to improve both employee motivation and performance.

  • Why attend
    • Participants will learn about:

      • The origins of employee engagement and why it has become such a popular management concept;
      • Four common engagement myths that cause many leaders and managers to focus on the wrong things; 
      • What HR can do to build a culture that fosters high levels of commitment, motivation, and performance.  
  • Who should attend
    • This event is right for you if you are a leader, manager or HR professional interested in the impact of Employee Engagement on your organization and how it impacts employee motivation and performance.


  • Speakers
    • Patrick Hyland, Ph.D., Consulting Services Lead