Discovering what Drives Female Engagement in the US Workplace

  • RECORDED: 12 September 2017


  • Overview

    This webcast will review key findings from our latest Inside Employees’ Minds Discovering What Drives Female Engagement and Satisfaction in the US Workforce research and provide strategic insights from Mercer’s When Women Thrive and Mercer Sirota practices.  The discussion will focus on actions that organizations and leaders can take to improve employee engagement and satisfaction.

  • Why attend

    Mercer’s latest research reveals that female employees are less satisfied with their organizations than their male counterparts. Understanding why this is the case — and taking proactive steps to create more fulfilling work experiences for women — may be the key to solving the puzzle that continues to confound businesses: how to increase performance through parity.

  • Who should attend

    Leaders responsible for leading talent strategy, including employee engagement diversity & inlusion and reviews.

  • Speakers

    Megan Connolly, Principal, Mercer
    Pete Foley, Principal, Mercer
    Carole Jackson, Principal, Mercer

Webcast details
  • Title: Discovering what Drives Female Engagement in the US Workplace

  • Language: English

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