DB "CFO Research" Results

  • RECORDED: 26 June 2019


  • Overview

    In the face of increasing and volatile plan-related costs, many defined benefit (DB) plan sponsors have been considering terminations, active de-risking, and transitioning from DB to defined contribution (DC) plans. This trend has been building for the past few years. 

    But where do your peers stand in 2019? What risk management actions are they taking around funding contributions, mitigating investment risk, transferring pension risk, or evolving governance? 

    The ways that plan sponsors are approaching these and other objectives may come as a surprise, as revealed in the 2019 DB CFO Research / Mercer Survey.
  • Speakers

    Matt McDaniel,Partner, US Financial Strategy, Group Leader
    Scott Jarboe , Partner, Defined Benefit, Segment Leader
    Julia Kotchetkov , Senior Wealth, Actuarial Consultant
    Heidi Gobetz, Senior Wealth, Actuarial Consultant
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  • Title: DB CFO Research Results

  • Language: English

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