COVID-19: Dealing with the impact

  • LIVE WEBCAST: 07 May 2020

  • Overview

    With such a fast moving story, we’re hosting a series of bite sized webinars to provide a regular update of the economic, investment and employee impacts that UK companies should be considering.

  • Why attend?

    Whilst remaining aware that COVID-19 is very much a human story, we also recognise that there are likely to be many direct and indirect consequences for our clients and their business. We have therefore introduced a webinar series that looks at the latest developments in Coronavirus and their potential economic, investment and employee impacts for UK companies. Initially these webinars will be held weekly but, like everyone else in the UK, we hope the situation with COVID-19 stabilises quickly, at which time we will reduce the frequency of these webinars accordingly.

  • Who should attend?

    This webinar is suitable for UK business.

  • Speakers

    Rupert Watson: Head of Asset Allocation, Investment Solutions, Mercer
    Niall O’Sullivan: European CIO of Investment Solutions, Mercer
    Simon Turner: Partner and Corporate Advisor, Mercer
    Mark Harris : Consulting Team Leader, International, Mercer Marsh Benefits
    Kate Fitzpatrick: Global Mobility Practice Leader, UK & Ireland, Mercer

Webcast details
  • Title: COVID-19: Dealing with the impact

  • Date: 07 May 2020

  • Language: English

  • Time: 11:30 PM - 12:00 AM GMT

Webcast contact
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