Executing a Successful Business Transformation in M&A (US+CAN)

  • RECORDED: 02 October 2019


  • Overview

    Most business transformations end in failure. In fact, 75% of business transformations and growth strategies fail or stall due to organizational factors. People are the only common denominator across industry and geography that deliver economic value.

    Mercer partners with senior leaders to design an enterprise-wide operating model to deliver on the business strategy, assess and select talent, and evaluate culture to effectively execute on the new business objectives.

  • Why attend?

    This webinar explores the key phases and tasks expected to be undertaken during a GMP Equalisation and Conversion process.
  • Who should attend?

    Senior HR Professionals, Corporate Development/Strategy and HR M&A Teams
  • Speakers

    Brent Heslop, Partner, Mercer
    Paul Kibbe, Principal, Mercer
    Kristin Murphy, Principal, Mercer

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  • Title: Executing a Successful Business Transformation in M&A (US+CAN)

  • Language: English

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