Auto Enrolment - it pays to be ready. Are you?

  • RECORDED: 17 April 2018


  • Key message:

    Are you prepared and compliant for the Auto Enrolment changes which come into effect on April 6th 2018? What
    about the changes also coming in April 2019?

    We found that many of our clients weren’t ready and found themselves with a compliance issue, which is why we invite you
    to join us to find out more about the preparation required for the next set of changes being implemented in April 2019.

    If you are not prepared for the Auto Enrolment changes in April 2019 you might find yourself in a situation where the right
    amount may not be paid across to the scheme on time. This not only poses a compliance issue, but impacts your members also.

    Enough people struggle to make the minimum contributions already, how will this worsen? Your members are going to face an
    increase from 3% to 5% within just two years. How do you stop them opting out and help them engage with a long term savings
    mentality and plan?

    Have you considered if you, the employer, will pay the total minimum contribution, meaning your staff don’t have to make up any shortfall, or if this falls to your members what impact will it have on retention, productivity and absenteeism?

  • Why attend:

    Join us to find out more about the impacts these changes will have on businesses and pensions in the UK.

  • Who should attend:

    Senior business leaders. HR, Pensions, Trustee, Reward

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