2017 HR Trends in ASEAN | Mercer webcast

2017 HR Trends in ASEAN | Mercer webcast

ASEAN HR Trends 2017

Recorded: 29 August 2017

  • Overview
    • As the ASEAN region races to modernize and sustain its impressive growth, each of its diverse economies provides extensive opportunities for those who are willing to understand the markets. Having the right data and insights at the right time provides you with the winning edge.

  • Why attend
    • You'll learn about country-specific trends in salary, benefits, turnover and hiring, and how legislation impacts these decisions. 

  • Who should attend?
    • This webcast will be of interest to individuals who have direct oversight over compensation and benefits programs within their respective organizations. Senior business leaders, regional or local country managers who want to understand the HR trends would also benefit from attending.