2018 Top Priorities for DC Plans | Mercer

2018 Top Priorities for DC Plans | Mercer Webcast

2018 Top Priorities for DC Plans

Recorded: 23 January 2018

  • Overview
    • Being a DC plan sponsor is hard work…and to some extent a juggling act.  You need to "ensure" your participants are invested in the right funds, your investments generate the best possible returns,  you achieve fees that are aligned with the quality of services and that your participants feel inspired and engaged in planning for their ultimate retirement.  Join Mercer as we walk sponsors through our top priorities and actions to consider for 2018.

  • Why attend
    • Why attend?
      (1) To help you formulate a 2018 action plan for your DC arrangements
      (2) To hear fresh ideas on how to inspire your participants and how to develop a framework to monitor and measure their success

  • Who should attend
    • Senior HR and Finance leaders with responsibility for DC Plans

  • Speakers
    • Sarah Fitzmaurice, US DC Leader
      Kelly Henson, Senior DC Consultant
      Amy Reynolds, Senior DC Consultant
      Paul Staples, Senior DC Consultant