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Europe and Middle East

THEME: Change is Happening

Tuesday October 5, 2021

  • 10:05 - 10:40   |   Weathering the storm – will you meet your spending obligations?

    Tom Noall, Investment Consultant, Not-for-Profit
    Lucy Tusa, Senior Investment Consultant

    With inflation headwinds looming and muted returns, not-for-profits are facing a raft of challenges to meet their spending obligations. We assess the portfolio opportunities available to help your organisation weather the storm.

  • 10:40 - 11:20   |   Time to think out of the box for investment returns?

    Tomasz Kierzkowski, Senior Portfolio Manager – Hedge Funds
    Ania Manczyk, Private Equity Specialist
    Anne Koeman-Sharapova, Real Estate Specialist
    Rekha Owen, Investment Director, Private Markets
    Yaser Abushaban, Principle and Senior Investment Adviser, Dubai

    Alternative investments are growing in popularity with institutional investors. With many different options available from private equity, to real estate, infrastructure and hedge funds to name a few, it can be hard to distinguish the opportunities across them.

    Hear from our specialists as they battle it out in a dragon’s den style debate!

  • 11:30 - 12:20 | Keynote – Sweta Chakraborty: Climate risk, global policy, communication and the role of asset owners in stabilizing the planet

    Climate change is no longer a distant future risk. Globally, we are experiencing real impacts of the planet warming from more severe storms and prolonged droughts-- to alarming year-round heat waves and wildfires. These impacts are happening more frequently, more simultaneously and more intensely. The August 2021 IPCC report release (the 6th from the United Nations ahead of the next major meeting of country delegations, COP26, scheduled for November 2021 in Glasgow) was a strategically timed release with the very clear message that humans have “unequivocally” caused climate change, and that there is a critical, immediate window for action to prevent catastrophic consequences. All eyes will be on country level promises and plans for reducing carbon and methane emissions ahead of COP26; and for counties to succeed, policies must be supported by public and private sectors. Publics around the world require better communication to effectively ensure their support, and advances in understanding human cognitive limitations in facing real risk must be part of the strategy. Asset owners and money managers have a key role to play in supporting better communication and evidence-based policymaking through a collective prioritization and allocation of resources. It’s essential for asset owners to act now and contribute to ensuring global temperature increase stabilizes over the remainder of the century.

  • 12:20 - 13:00   |   Are you ready for net-zero?

    Niall O’Sullivan, EMEA & Asia CIO
    Victoria Sant, Senior Adviser at the Investor Forum
    Sarika Goel, Sustainable Investment Manager Research
    Sagarika Chatterjee, Director of Climate Change, PRI and COP26 High-level Champions Finance Co-Lead

    Almost half of global assets are estimated to be pledged to meet climate change goals. Whilst the benefits are widely acknowledged from both an environment and economic perspective, the path to net zero is still unclear. We look at what approaches investors are adopting? What’s working and what obstacles remain?


North America

THEME: Change is Happening

Tuesday October 5, 2021

  • 1:05 - 1:55 pm   |   Keynote – Morgan Housel

    Morgan Housel, Partner of Collaborative Fund and Columnist, The Wall Street Journal and The Motley Fool

    Money is one of the most complex, emotional and often confusing topics. In this talk, award-winning author Morgan Housel tackles the psychology of money by sharing four engaging stories that show how we can think about money, risk and investing in a more productive way, helping audiences make better decisions about one of life’s most complicated topics.

  • 2:00 - 2:50 pm   |   Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Implementation Lessons

    Cori Trautvetter, Co-Lead of Foundation Segment
    Leslie Lenzo, Chief Investment Officer, Advocate Health
    Jonathan Brelsford, Senior Vice President – Finance and Investments, The Pittsburgh Foundation

    Challenging assumptions, creating opportunities and investing for change play a critical role in promoting DEI. By embracing diversity, equity and inclusion, investors are accelerating change and transforming the industry. This panel provides insight into how forward-thinking investors align their portfolios with their values and implement a variety of practical DEI themes into their investment programs.

  • 3:05 - 3:55 pm   |   Investment Themes and Opportunities

    Moderator: Chris Moore, Not-for-Profit Chief Investment Officer

    Dave McMillan, Alternatives Hedge Fund Group
    Nolan O’Neill, Senior Investment Research
    Amy Ridge, Alternatives Private Equity Group
    Shaum Shrinivas, Senior Investment Research

    As investors, we need to adapt our outlooks and expectations to position our portfolios to manage new risks and capture opportunities that may arrive quickly. We encourage investors to focus on the themes and opportunities where we see the most potential in the years ahead. Investors should prepare their portfolios for lasting impacts. This session introduces these themes and explores the potential opportunities and risks as investors prepare to succeed in 2021 and beyond.


October 5, 2021


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