Taking a personalized, hands-on approach to the verification process

The average dependent removal rate is 3-5%, saving an average of $4,570 per dependent removed. Is your organization monitoring and verifying the eligibility of covered individuals? Did you know that Mercer offers a personalized, hands-on approach to the verification process and customized service based on clients unique needs.  Let us help you verify eligible coverage and eliminate unqualified individuals.
Why choose Mercer for Dependent Eligibility Verification? 
  • Customized communications
  • High quality contact center support
  • Web-based DEV system
  • Strategy based on your needs
Why should you consider a dependent eligibility verification audit?
  • Financial benefits
    In Mercer’s experience providing dependent eligibility verification services, we have found the average annual incurred medical cost per dependent exceeds $4570 with 3% - 10% dependents removed.
  • Fiduciary obligations and ERISA compliance
    Most employers have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure that their plans operate according to the terms in the plan documents, including enrollment and eligibility provisions. Eligibility verification procedures can help minimize legal risks.
  • Improved communication and accountability
    Facilitates a proper understanding of who is eligible under a group health plan. This learning process increases employee accountability for their benefit elections.
  • Fewer denied insurance claims
    Minimizes concerns about insurers and stop-loss carriers refusing coverage for medical expenses of ineligible dependents.
  • Fewer tax issues
    Identify and minimize exposure for tax reporting violations.
  • Sarbanes-Oxley compliance
    Address implications for financial controls and anti-fraud provisions under Sarbanes-Oxley.
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