Join us on December 14th to understand how inflation will impact medical utilization and insurance costs. It may not be a 1:1 correlation that you see with other areas, like fuel and food.

Even before current inflationary pressures hit, employers were in the process of resetting benefits to make them more relevant and to better manage people risk. As businesses have grappled with the ongoing effects of the pandemic, a number of other positive developments have come to the forefront. These include advancements in digital access to health benefits, a desire to solve health and benefit inequities, and the acceptance of a broader business case for
investment in employee support.

Why attend

Is your business factoring the impact of possible longer term inflation? Our discussion includes recommendations for employers to:

  • Start thinking immediately about how they can support their most vulnerable people
  • Engage continuously with all of their employees to support their well-being
  • Consider reasonable cost containment measures for their benefit plans
  • Discover vital actions to manage long-term cost volatility
  • Implement measures that steer employees towards high-quality care, helping to create sustainable benefit solutions for all

Learn how we can help with your efforts to fight the impact of inflationary costs.

Wednesday, December 14, 2022


12:00 PM ET

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