The pandemic has forced CEOs and top management to rethink what is leadership and how they should act and think differently.

Peta Latimer, CEO of Mercer Singapore and Chair of Marsh McLennan Singapore, and Neil Narale, Health Business Leader of Mercer Singapore, face stress on elevated manners – as a company that provides expert advice and consultancy on employee wellbeing, how do they ensure that the company ‘walk the talk’ and are prepared enough to provide advice and solutions that the company may not even have embarked on? . 

In case you missed it, here are the top tips for organizations and leaders: 

1.   How should leaders ‘check in’ or support their employees?  

  • Have consistent casual check in’s with the employee 
  • Build a culture of psychological safety – and that is one where people are truly valued for the diverse skills and experiences they bring. This starts with the leader being open first
  • Encourage a culture of empathy- start team meetings by asking how everyone is feeling and encourage an openness to speak up
  • Step in when employee needs support 
  • Be the employee’s voice when needed 
  • Be kind to yourself as leader so you are able to lead at your best 

2.   What solutions should organizations be considering to support their employees?

  • Implement quarterly organizational check in’s through surveys 
  • Integrate wellbeing solutions such as EAP, digital mental health support, health coaching etc
  • Implement psychological safety training for both leaders and employees
  • Plan a holistic wellbeing activity calendar so employees are engaged throughout the year 
  • Take time to invest in the internal community (change of leave policies, flexible work, internal community activities to encourage engagement)  

Webcast Details

Date: Thursday, 18 November 2021 

Time: 3:00 to 4:00pm (Singapore time)

Language: English