Empowering trustees and members through quality pension administration

We are a pension scheme administrator determined to provide the best outcome to all members in different phases of their lives. We see them through pension statements, education and forecasts. During decumulation, we assist the member in gathering all the information required for retirement and support them in understanding the choices they have in making the all-important lifelong decisions.

Our pension administration services are here for you

Auto enrolment, pension scams and an aging population in the UK has given the general public a greater awareness of pensions than ever before.

We expect that awareness to continue to grow with the introduction of pensions dashboards in 2023 and beyond.

Pensions is a complicated subject which comes with huge regulatory and legal requirements and responsibilities. We have globally-recognised pension administration systems with constant capital investment. This means we can provide a cost-effective pension administration service which combines expertise and innovation, data management strategies and automation. Mercer’s pensions administration enables trustees and sponsoring employers to meet their end goals.

Mercer has resources to take on these tasks so you can have peace of mind that your pension scheme members are supported and looked after.

We are your dedicated pension administration department.


+ pension schemes administered


member records held


of payments made on behalf of schemes a month

On your side - Mercer’s pension administration services

Mercer is a global pension scheme administrator. For more than two decades we have been delivering solutions to address the needs of our clients and their employees. As a third-party pensions scheme administrator, we will be responsible for the day-to-day care of your pension scheme.

But we pride ourselves on going beyond simply ‘our duties', for example:

  • We combine our instinctive approach with pension administration expertise, which means you can delegate all your pensions needs to us.
  • We help pension scheme members with sophisticated modelling tools to help their thinking and planning; such as a member who may want to contribute more.
  • We also engage members so they are continually considering the pension benefits they could get.
  • We provide a scenario of different retirement dates; all supporting future planning for best possible outcomes.
  • As members approach their normal retirement age, they can rest assured that their needs will be cared for whether they want to retire or continue working.

We also make sure the pension schemes are compliant with all legislative requirements:

  • We’ll make sure your scheme meets its key objectives and support your key strategic projects.
  • We have vast experience as the largest UK pension scheme administrator with experience across a wide range of company pension schemes, including defined benefit, defined contribution, master trust, cash balance and hybrid schemes.
  • We offer a personalised service so one team will be responsible for every aspect of your scheme’s service. This means we can provide a seamless, enhanced service for your scheme.
  • We offer training and educational services for your pension scheme members.
  • Your scheme members will have a choice of how they prefer to contact us, whether that be via traditional post, email or other digital routes.
Your pension scheme administrator should be your partner. Think of it like another arm of your HR department there to both support and inspire. 
Malcolm Reynolds

Leader, UK Pensions Administration

Our service: insightful, collaborative, inclusive pension administration

We provide a pensions administration service that strives for excellence and quality.

As the largest pension administrator in the UK, we use our insights and analytics to measure and monitor member demand and behavioral changes so that we can plan for change to maintain our service delivery to pension scheme members. These analytics cover all members, at all ages and profile, in all different schemes from clients of all sizes, from small businesses and domestic employers to large multinational firms.

Mercer, as one of the largest employers in the world, has access to local, national and international resources which can be deployed at very short notice to help us to partner and meet your scheme's requirements.

  • We can identify your goals and pain points, and then develop a tailored strategy to meet your business needs.
  • We recognise different clients require a different level of support so we are proud to be able to adopt a flexible, bespoke approach.
  • We use our own in-house software and applications with continual investment to make sure our clients’ needs are met in the most efficient way.

Our pension administration services include:

  • Full record keeping
  • Benefit and payments calculations
  • Electronic payments
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Accounting
  • Drafting of the annual report and accounts
  • Management of trustee bank accounts
  • Pensioner payroll
  • Data audits and data cleansing
  • Full digital functionality and integration of systems run by HM Revenue & Customs
  • Trustee secretarial services
  • GMP reconciliation and rectification
  • De-risking project work
  • Buy in, buy out and longevity swap administration
  • Reinsurance administration
  • Administration consultancy
  • Specialist wind up services
  • Pension management services

We will provide you with a service where you won’t even know we are there.

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