As your organization plans for the return to work, questions about the impact of COVID-19 remain. Employees will begin leaving isolation, but in doing so face new and rapidly changing risks. The workplace they are returning to will be different to the one they were in just a few weeks ago, as Canadians have experienced dramatic change since the outbreak of the virus. Risk mitigation must be at the heart of your people strategy.


How can your organization take action?


Join us on Friday, May 8 to learn about strategies to ensure a smooth return to work for your organization. We will discuss:


  • Mitigating people risk linked to the return to work
  • Managing the impact of financial market volatility
  • Opportunities to strengthen employee wellbeing during the transition
  • Effectively managing change for your workforce while returning to work

Dealing with the effects of coronavirus on people strategy is essential for Canadian businesses as they return to work.  Join us to learn more about how your company can prepare, and what your people need to be successful.

Who should attend?

Human Resource and Finance Leaders


Friday, May 8, 2020




1:00 PM - 2:00 PM ET


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