The World Economic Forum and Mercer invite you to a multi-stakeholder workshop that examines issues that are becoming increasingly important to future financial outcomes as people are working and living longer. 


Longevity economy

December 7, 2021


This meeting will focus on topics related to the Longevity Economy including how workers in the gig economy can achieve retirement equity, and how to provide financial solutions to a workforce that will have four generations of employees working side by side. 


Shaping the future of financial and monetary systems

The Redesigning Retirement project shapes new approaches to address today’s biggest retirement and longevity questions, and:

  • Examines issues that are becoming increasingly important to future financial outcomes
  • Focuses on the innovations that can help people become more financially resilient
  • Explores new issues such as how the gig economy will transform retirement policies and what the multi-stage life will mean for traditional savings plans

The ideas, solutions and strategies generated during these workshops will arm all key stakeholders – governments and policy makers, employers, financial and service providers, and individuals – with tangible ways to drive innovation and reimagine retirement.

Date and time:

December 7
UK time: 13.00-14.30




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  • Who is this for?

    These sessions are for all CHROs, senior DEI leaders, heads of pensions / benefits, heads of reward, future of work leaders and heads of talent management.

  • Why should you attend?

    The “Redesigning Retirement: Financial Resilience in the 100-Year Life” initiative is an opportunity to innovate and transform old ideas about retirement and view later life planning in a more holistic way.  We will explore new ideas in order to mobilize the private sector, policymakers and civil society to catalyze new thinking and action to help redesign later life.

    How do I learn more about the Redesign Retirement initiative?

    Check out our guide, Redesigning later life, which recaps Phase one of the initiative.

  • Is there a cost for the session?

    There is no charge for attending this workshop.

  • I have additional questions about the session. Whom should I contact?

    Haleh Nazeri, Platform Curator, Financial Services, World Economic Forum

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