Discover Mercer | Allegro – a pulse survey platform for Enhanced Employee Experience


Allegro delivers the agility you need to stay connected to your workforce, along with rich content and configurability, smart reports, analytics, and guided action facilitation.


Deploy census, ad-hoc, and continuous or pulse surveys to gain insight into all aspects of employee engagement, organizational performance, leader/manager effectiveness, and the employee experience.


Watch a short video demo of Allegro, the strategic employee research platform that will help you drive performance.

Employee Engagement & Experience Software

Design bespoke surveys by choosing from our rich validated content library, or select from your own custom questions.
Access hundreds of benchmarked questions across a range of critical content areas.
Easily target your audience, schedule communications, and configure reports.
Create an engaging and simple experience for employees, taking a survey on their desktop or mobile device.
Deliver automated, real-time reporting and insights to leaders, managers, and HR.
Understand and explore results, including trends across survey administrations through rich, interactive data displays.
Deliver personalized action priorities and recommendations to managers based on results, integrating action planning as a natural next step.
Turn data into impact with best practice guidance that makes it easy for you.

Light, modern and agile, Allegro inspires your employees to share their experience, and empowers you to drive positive change — for your people, and for your organization.

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