Leadership Profile


CEO, Fast Future



Rohit Talwar is a global futurist and entrepreneur who advises clients around the world on how to envision and create their preferred future in the face of a rapidly changing reality. Rohit's primary focus is on helping organizations stand back from noise around digital disruption to define a very human future that leverages technologies such as AI to truly unleash the potential of the immense and often under-utilized talent around us. In particular, he works with leadership teams to use future insights to define strategies to deliver step-change performance improvements and navigate the 'messy middle' between the pressures and complexities of today and the inspiring possibilities of what the next 5-10 years could bring. Rohit also leads Fast Future Publishing - applying exponential thinking to create a very successful fast growth, people centered publishing business. He advises governments, global corporations, investors, NGOs, and Associations. His clients include the governments of Singapore, the UAE, Finland, the UK and the USA, Aetna, American Express, Baker and Mackenzie, Boeing, Citibank, Denver Airport, GE, Intel, Latham and Watkins, LAX, Linklaters, Microsoft, SAP, Sara Lee, Shell, and Tata. Rohit is co-editor and a contributor for both The Future of Business and a forthcoming book on Unleashing Human Potential - The Future of AI in Business.