Leadership Profile

Jesse Henry

Founder, The Theory of Success LLC



Jesse Henry is a serial entrepreneur who, for the past decade, has been on the tireless pursuit to catalyze entrepreneurial ecosystems and help companies overcome their biggest obstacles. As a child, Jesse had a speech impediment which he overcame through stage acting and pushing himself outside his comfort zone. During college, Jesse studied entrepreneurship, started 2 companies, created 2 entrepreneurial student organizations, and gave a TEDx Talk.
After graduation, Jesse went on to become a peak performance strategist for Tony Robbins. During his time with Tony, he consulted with Fortune 500 companies and performed corporate trainings for their employees.
Since leaving his position as a corporate trainer, Jesse has written a book called "The Millennial Merger: How to Sell, Manage, Empathize, and Communicate in a Multi-Generational Workforce." The book will be coming out later this year.