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Mercer HR Technology Strategy And HR Vendor Assessment And Selection


Conducting an HR vendor assessment and choosing the best HR technology strategy can be difficult with the explosion of vendors and technologies now on the market. Mercer can help you bring your HR system into the future.

What Are the Benefits of a Cloud-Based HR Management System?

HR transformation means taking advantage of the latest technology across all functions of HR and all parts of the organization. Today, HR transformation increasingly means leveraging cloud-based technology to support service delivery and customer experience.

The many benefits, aside from the convenience of an HR system that is accessible online by employees and managers across divisions, subsidiaries and geographies, include:

  • Savings in IT support: With cloud solutions, in-house IT hardware and support costs can be reduced substantially as the burden is taken on by the provider.
  • Lower prices: Subscription fees are generally lower than the proprietary software fees and associated customization and maintenance costs. Total cost of ownership is significantly lower.
  • More value from HR: With most HR activities supported by self-service, HR professionals are able to re-allocate their focus to strategic work, helping to deliver business goals and concentrate on the strategic imperatives.
  • Greater productivity: Most importantly, a cloud-based HRM system can produce real productivity benefits as the adoption of innovative tools leads to workforce optimisation, competitive advantage, and greater customer satisfaction.

Whether you are looking to optimize your current Human Resource Management System, implement a new HR technology strategy or need help with a HR vendor assessment and selection, Mercer can help.

By applying a structured and unbiased approach, we work with our clients to develop an HR technology strategy that meets their specific needs, aligned with their business priorities. We assist clients in:

  • Developing an HR technology strategy that aligns with the business strategy and goals
  • Building an HR technology and transformation road map and getting the buy-in and ownership of key stakeholders
  • Developing a business case for investing in HR technology
  • Documenting the HR technology requirements so solutions can be objectively evaluated against the business needs
  • Identifying, evaluating and facilitating your team's selection of HR technology vendors
  • Preparing to resource and launch a HR technology implementation project
  • Managing your implementation including the program management office, process redesign and change management activities.

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