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Internships at a glance

Mercer offers summer internship programs within several lines of business. Each of the business lines that recruits on campus also offers internship opportunities.


An internship at Mercer can give you a head start on your career. Program highlights include:

  • A paid internship within one of Mercer's key business segments at one of our locations across the US
  • First-hand experience of life as an analyst at Mercer for 10-12 weeks during the summer
  • A mentor to provide support and guidance
  • Participation in Mercer's performance evaluation process
  • Formal training activities, lunch-and-learns with leadership, and opportunities to enhance your presentation skills
  • Job shadowing to learn more about other business segments and the work they do
  • And, don’t forget FUN! You’ll get to know your colleagues and other interns through business and social events.


Serving on client teams and providing support to consultants, you'll learn how to manage your time, juggle multiple assignments and develop strong work habits. You'll also have the opportunity to attend lunch-and-learns with leadership as well as formal training activities. But internships aren't all work. You'll get to know your colleagues and other interns through social events scheduled throughout the summer.


In 2013, Mercer hosted approximately 120 interns in 23 offices across the US.


Please note that, to be eligible for internship consideration, you must still be a currently enrolled student at the time of the internship. If you have completed your degree, please consider Mercer’s other available career opportunities.


Read what former interns had to say!

“The workload was realistic and it gave me opportunities to have client experience and add value.”

"My summer at Mercer has been the best internship I've ever had. My colleagues have taken the time to teach me and to mentor me, they've given me meaningful work that has challenged me to grow as a professional, and they've included me in the Mercer community even though I'm only here for the summer."

"Countless people, from senior partners to my intern colleagues, have sat down with me to collaborate in solving a problem or just to welcome me to the office and the Mercer family. Everyone here wants me to succeed."

“The internship was an excellent opportunity to 'test the water' in Actuarial Science. Up to this point, my only knowledge of what an Actuary did came from personal research and the internet. However, this opportunity gave me a chance to see first hand what a career in Actuarial Science is really about.”

"Mercer has invested in me this summer, preparing me for my career and building relationships to last a lifetime, and I'm coming away from my experience feeling that I've genuinely contributed to the important and excellent work this organization does each and every day."

“I thought that the internship was well structured and was impressed by the amount/type of work I was given. Teams seemed to include me in everything they did and I got a great feel for how they worked together on projects. I learned a lot and developed many practical skills.”

“I liked learning about the EH&B industry and was so glad to actually see some actuarial work produce numbers. Work was quite different from my classes, but my supervisors and peer mentor were amazing and worked with me step by step to understand what I was doing. They were extremely supportive and patient, and I am so happy that I was able to work with them.”

“I enjoyed being able to participate in a meaningful way on projects, not just doing clerical work or small tasks. I felt that my input was valued and that my work was helpful.”

“I was most happy with the amount of responsibility I was given and the projects that I helped out on. I felt that all of the work I did was meaningful and helpful for the company and our clients.”

“The thing I liked about my internship was being able to work with great people, and being able to work for a company who takes care of their employees. For instance, having celebrations throughout the summer to keep us motivated.”

“I learned a lot of about the actuarial field during my internship and that is very rewarding, but the thing that I liked the most was the people. They made my internship informative and challenging yet fun. Without the helpful people I worked with, I would not have learned as much as I did this summer.”

“The people, and the way that everyone in the office recognizes a work/life balance. Regardless of how hectic things are, people always had a minute to talk or offer suggestions.”

“Looking back at this internship once the summer is over I will truly remember the people. Everyone has been so nice and genuine and has taken an interest in me as a person. This was not something that I had expected. I also like the fact that interns were part of real client projects. I was treated like an analyst and was given the normal day to day responsibilities of my peers.”

How to apply

If we are scheduled to visit your campus, please follow the procedures established by your career center to request an interview. If we are not interviewing at your campus, please submit your resume on-line on the Apply Online page.


Each line of business and internship position has its own qualification criteria and requirements, specific to the position. However, all Mercer internships require that, to be eligible for consideration, candidates will have:

  • A minimum GPA of 3.0/4.0
  • Availability to work 10-12 weeks during the summer
  • Status as a currently enrolled student. If you have completed your degree, please consider Mercer’s other available career opportunities.
  • Unrestricted authorization to work in the United States. Please note that at this time, the company does not intend to offer this program under OPT or CPT or to sponsor work visas with respect to these positions.


Mercer is an equal opportunity employer. M/F/D/V


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