Workforce communication & change

Driving change through effective communication


Any kind of organizational change – from the introduction of a new workforce program to a shift in business direction – requires key internal stakeholders to embrace the change and modify their behaviors to support the change. Through our workforce communication and change business, Mercer works with organizations to drive an array of changes necessary for business success. Our consulting today includes managing communication and change related to:


  • New retirement programs, health programs and pay-for-performance systems

  • Mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations, business transformations and changes in business strategy

  • The way executives, managers and colleagues connect to their HR programs through portals and other new technology platforms

  • How organizations attract and retain employees, including developing a meaningful, actionable employee value proposition.


Mercer blends both art and science to help clients communicate for impact and drive organizational change. Using a research-based approach and innovative methodologies, we gear our advice to clients’ unique issues and priorities, helping to communicate effectively and interactively with their workforces. Our rigorous research and measurement methodologies help to ensure that strategies are on target and produce a high return on any communication or change investment.


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Mercer has the tools and expertise to provide you with better, faster solutions – right now. Here is a list of senior Mercer consultants who specialize in workforce communication and change consulting. Contact any of them with questions or for assistance addressing communication or change issues in your organization.



Mike Burniston

Global Practice Leader

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Scott Williams

Operations Leader & CSC Leader

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Rhonda Newman

North America Practice Leader

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Mike McAllister

Learning Leader

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Jason Jaross

North America Change Leader

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Debbie Slappey

Creative Leader/Solution Development Leader

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Valerie Morin

Canada Practice Leader

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Guy Woodward

Europe Practice Leader

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