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Global Compensation Planning Report

One of our more data-driven reports, the Global Compensation Planning Report presents hard-to-find information on emerging market studies, wage analyses and economic research, all in one handy volume. Covering 89 countries, this unique report is a valuable guide for employers, researchers and other decision makers who need access to timely economic trends affecting compensation in both major and emerging markets around the world.

Because our subcribers make compensation decisions at different times in a year, we produce two updates, each including:

  • Pay increase information
  • Economic indicators (GDP, inflation and unemployment rates)
  • Regional overviews
  • Data on short-term incentives


Just e-mail us and we will make every effort to respond to your query within two business days.


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2013 - Global Car Policies

Optimize your Corporate Car Benefit

Company car benefits represent a key component of the compensation package that employers offer in recruiting and retaining the best talent. This report helps HR policy makers stay abreast of current policy trends when planning and allocating their corporate car budgets.

Mercer's Global Car Policies report is a valuable source that can help refine your strategies and optimise your car policy by:


■ Benchmarking your company’s car policy against the market
■ Identifying cost-saving measures
■ Highlighting differences in car policy practices across key markets


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2014 - Global - Global Pay Summary (GPS)

At-a-glance pay information for 50 benchmark positions, across eleven job families, in the Asia Pacific, Europe and Americas regions.

2014 - Global - International Geographic Salary Differentials

Mercer's International Geographic Salary Differentials report gives you the information you need to compare gross and net compensation levels around the world, move jobs to new locations, and compare tax and social security rates.

2014 - Global - Short-Term Incentives around the World

Mercer’s Short-Term Incentives around the World report provides current, insightful information on key short-term incentives across 61 key markets in 60 countries.

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